Who we are?

We are Offshore Marine Consultants; MARINETECH EGYPT®, an engineering solutions provider in the oil and gas industry, offering innovative state of the art technology to niche markets...

As the agent for a number of prominent multinational organizations, our established roster of clients has come to depend on our experience and know-how: utilizing our advanced and reliable tools, quality services, and training. Our primary market is the Middle East, focused in Egypt where we are headquartered.

We are also shipbrokers specializing in marketing, sale, and rental of commercial vessels. We represent / assist owners and buyers from many countries and bring them together via our international network of contacts and clients. Recently we have integrated diving and ROV systems into our scope of work, completing our full range on offer for complete subsea solutions.



Years of experience at connecting and forming long-lasting partnerships within the MENA region and beyond. As a client you are guaranteed support of the highest caliber. Marinetech prides itself on being the Exclusive Agent for a number of prominent organizations around the world.


Quickflange logo

Quickflange is a recognized supplier of connection solutions for improved pipeline integrity and flow assurance to the energy business.


VKVC logo

VKVC is involved in manufacturing and providing pipeline engineering and polyurethane products. Including Pigging Products, Pipeline Equipment, Pipeline Repair and Maintenance Products, Surge Relief and Pipeline Valves, Floats and Buoys, and Pigging Services.

Tentec ltd.

Tentec logo

Tentec design, manufacture and market bolt tightening equipment. Tentec are an innovative producer of bolt tightening equipment with a high level of focus on quality and safety.


TriTools logo

Tritools is the world leading designer and manufacturer of precision portable machine tools for pipe beveling, tube squaring and severing, clamshells for in-line cutting, and flange facing equipment.

Metrus Mechanic

Metrus Mechanic logo

Metrus Are proud of being first choice of market leading manufacturers, plant operators and service companies around the world who appreciate smart, robust and long lasting valve test solutions with outstanding service and support.

Doedijns International

Doedijns International logo

Doedijns has developed market leading positions in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Instrumentation and Controls. With thier global facilities and highly skilled work force they continue to add value solutions for the energy, maritime and high-end machine building industries.

SurvivalCraft SCI

Survival craft logo

SCI offers a worldwide service to the oil, gas and shipping industries by providing, installing and maintaining lifeboats, davits, breathing apparatus and other life saving equipment in the most cost effective manner.


Dulam logo

Dulam Established in 1971 in Dubai as a diving services company, we have made rapid strides over the past three decades to become a leading provider of subsea solutions to the offshore industry.

Micylin Express Offshore

Micylin logo

MEO is a leading provider of service vessels to the expanding offshore oil and gas industry across South-East Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

ISB Offshore

ISB Offshore logo

ISB Offshore is involved in broking activities other that offshore with the exception of transport of offshore or cable related items, which we do jointly with other operators.


Unbrako logo

Unbrako brand name is widely recognized throughout the world. Unbrako socket screws are used in machine tools, tools and dies, earth moving and mining machinery, and a wide range of industrial and engineering applications.


  • Torque and Tensioning bolting equipment
  • Product sales, rental and technical support
  • Product service and training
  • Manpower hiring and training
  • Offshore vessel hiring
  • Diving and ROV systems

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